You make the changes, not the money or the machines; YOU.

10th August 2014
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14th June 2016
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You make the changes, not the money or the machines; YOU.

By Ebrahim F. Jawad (Managing Director of NCS MENA)

I have always been a very keen reader. It’s a natural habit that has grown on me since childhood and confidently, the knowledge from those books have positively taken its toll on me.

During my last reading it has stumbled on me that as human beings; only we can make the changes we want to anticipate; only we can construct a vision and ensure its accomplishment. Material assets such as wealth, machinery, and so on are merely tools of security and workforce, but the main element to ignite your vision is you and you alone. Without it, none of the material assets would be of any significance.

As human beings, we have been gifted with a momentous intellectual ability. An ability not attributed to any other species on this earth. An ability that removes human beings from their comfort zones to circumstances which exercise their skill and knowledge to its vast limits allowing them to accomplish sometimes the great unknown. Such accomplishments can be witnessed by great human beings such as scientists and researchers who have constantly showcased tremendous ways to maintain the ongoing transformation of evolution that has been going on right in front of us for the past thousands of years.

Today, after centuries of countless trials and errors we have entered the 21st Century, an era of technology. In today’s society, two of the very fundamental aspects of technology that have created a strong influence on human beings are:

Technology of Telecommunications
The technology of telecommunications has become so advanced that with the click of an eyelid you are connected in visual conversation to another person who may be a thousand miles away. Looking back at how the history of telecommunications started with smoke signals and drums in Africa, America and parts of Asia this is a spectacular and tremendous progression.

Technology of Transportation
Today, the world, its skies and its largest oceans are occupied with thousands of land vehicles, air carriers, sea vessels and so on all serving the same purpose of transporting people and goods from point A to point B in measured time, complexity and comfort. Such modes of transportation available today have definitely come a long way from previously used primitive boats, horse power and motor powered airplanes.

Now, imagine the billions and trillions of funds and workforce required to execute the above transactions in a single day. At present, such industries serving people around the globe to make life more convenient is widespread. The world as we know it is constantly changing at the blink of an eye; transforming and shaping the future of society into an advanced era of technology and sophistication. And the fact is – the only main element stirring this change is human beings. Without that intellectual gift of human beings all the discoveries, inventions and expectations of society of how the future should be would not be relevant or even possible.

In many ways these industries have similar attributes and effects as the collection industry. The dedicated effort of a collection agency has tremendously grown over the years bringing several positive changes, such as principles, integrity, ethics which have impacted businesses productivity significantly by restoring billions of uncollected dollars back into the economy and allowing businesses to flourish without the risk of expected financial downfall.

The articles included in this newsletter take a very close look at how the collection industry has economically and financially impacted the prosperity of several key industries in many countries, with example of Turkey as well as the importance of implementing business continuity in all businesses to ensure sustained and steady growth.