“With a string of hair you may pull a mountain.”

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31st March 2014
27th May 2014
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“With a string of hair you may pull a mountain.”


This phrase has lived long with me for generations. A common phrase my dear mother would repeatedly mention to inspire us; her kids, with the humility and patience in knowing what should be said and when exactly it should be said, in order to win the hearts and achieve all the odds respectively. Although she is now over eighty years, her advice continues to be highly valuable and is now also extended to her grandchildren.

In one of my social club meetings I came across a statement from a fellow member that 90% of all conflicts arise due to the wrong tone of voice and the remaining 10% relates to difference of opinions. Similar to this statement and in our belief, it is mainly the tone of voice, the negotiation skills and the firmness in communication that contributes to effective business relationships and the achievements of successful recovery of our Client’s debts.

To have a better understanding I will take you through instances personally faced by two of our Collection Agents in NCS MENA.

Ms. Jamila Mohammed from our International Collection Department faces such issues with debtors on an ongoing basis. In one instance, during her attempt to contact the debtor in her first approach, the debtor was not aware of her involvement and refused to discuss or even communicate on the subject. Turning the matter into her favor, Ms. Jamila was able to request an official authorization letter from the Client and submit the same to the debtor with careful attention not to invoke any negative reflection in her dealing with the debtor. As a result of her vivid approach to the debtor, his attitude transformed and he was more willing to understand and negotiate the settlement of his debt.

In another instance, one of our In-house Collection Agents, Ms. Layla Hussain during her usual collection calls, came across a debtor with a not so very friendly attitude who was refusing to settle his outstanding and went on to use inappropriate language without any reason. Despite the debtor’s inappropriate language and behavior, Ms. Hussain ensured that she kept her cool and continued to listen to the debtor’s remarks with the intent to resolve the matter. After a while the debtor called back, apologized for his behavior and a few days later settled his amount in full. As a gesture of apology he gifted Ms. Layla with a coffee mug with the name Layla Hussain printed on the cup, however as our policy does not allow personal gifts from debtors, it was unacceptable but the gesture was appreciated.

As you can see, it takes proper communication and tolerance to ensure the level of understanding and commitment between the Collection Agent and the debtor is the same. With Ms. Jamila’s ability to grasp the situation and turn it in her favor she was able to successful accomplish her Client’s expectation and at the same time create an atmosphere of trust, loyalty and credibility in restoring the bond between the Client and Debtor. With Ms. Layla’s ability to keep calm under the stressful situation she was able to successfully understand the debtor’s aggravation and transform the situation with reasoning and understanding into a positive outcome.

In today’s credit and collection industry, several instances prove that even with the slightest resources, you are able to achieve tenfold and re-enforces the statement that with a string of hair you may pull a mountain.