Ali Al-Faraj, CEO of NCS MENA, confirmed that the company keeps pace with the sustainable development goals and supports the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister. The national human being, which is in line with the National Vision 2030 by preparing clear and supportive plans and strategies for the Ministry of Labor in preparing graduates and job seekers for the practical environment and providing
The CEO of NCS MENA, which specializes in debt collection, Ali Al-Faraj, revealed that “the company has managed to collect 3.6 million dinars for its customers from inside the country or abroad during the past two years, as the company provides its services in the collection of commercial debts and credit risks for 500 local and international companies. Adding that the company’s initiative to participate in the “Foras” program proposed by the Ministry of Labor
In October 2016, NCS MENA Co.’s proudly launched its newest service within the Credit Risk Industry – CIR (Credit Information & Reporting) Services. Credit Information & Reporting services deliver a wider insight into a business’s establishment which provides a specific overall rating on the business itself. Membership with BIIA In 2016, NCS MENA Co. has also become a member of BIIA (Business Information & Industry Association) based in Hong Kong with a global network of
Almost every year, NCS MENA Co. receives inquiries from various customers and clients located in different parts of the world, requesting information on the statute of limitations in the Gulf region. This article serves as an introduction to statutes of limitations, detail the laws of a few Gulf region countries, as well as explain why businesses conducting trade in the Gulf region need to know about them when they pursue enforcement on a claim. As