27th May 2014

“With a string of hair you may pull a mountain.”

This phrase has lived long with me for generations. A common phrase my dear mother would repeatedly mention to inspire us; her kids, with the humility […]
31st March 2014

How to cash in your delinquent accounts?

 By Jawad M. Faraj Director – Operations & Legal Affairs Al- Nabaa Commercial Services (NCS MENA)   At NCS MENA we believe that we are an […]
23rd March 2014

Why Businesses Should Know about the Statutes of Limitations in the Gulf Region

By Ebrahim Faraj Jawad – Managing Director Al-Nabaa Commercial Services (NCS MENA) Almost every year, this author receives inquiries from various customers and clients located in different parts of the […]
23rd March 2014

A New Year – Do You Need a New Beginning?

Conveying Debt Collection from a Debt Collector – a Personal Perspective By Jamila Mohammed Al-Nabaa Commercial Services – (NCS MENA)  International Collection Department Four years ago […]