Cash Flow is at the heart of business. It is a measure of success and continuity in any industry, it is the lifeblood of a business, a source of strength and vitality.


Our Vision
To constantly exceed our stakeholders’ expectations globally, through innovative recovery services.

Our Mission
Making integrity the foundation of our business; Ensuring that our customer is always at the core of our activities; Retaining global best practices and affiliations; Maintaining a highly competent and motivated multi-cultural workforce; being a partner of choice, for the ease of doing business and providing innovative value added services.

We specialize in collection so you can focus on what you do best
Dealing with Delinquent Accounts has a direct impact on the survival, and success of a business. We partner with businesses and handle collection so they can pool their resources towards growth instead of squandering resources that are best allocated to fulfill their objectives. We focus on collection so businesses focus on their core competencies.


Our network and operations spans over 90 countries
Over the years NCS MENA has exceeded being a service provider, we’ve built long lasting relationships with companies and have become their partners and their support team in delivering solutions for their entire credit, risk and advisory needs. We’ve succeeded in becoming a part of their team, and an organization that has earned the trust to get things done.

Founded in the Kingdom of Bahrain and established in 1993,
NCS MENA was one of the first debt collection agencies in the GCC to have met with groundbreaking success.

NCS MENA had set out into the unknown, with a plan and a clear vision, we ventured into the unfamiliar international market. We had met with significant achievements, surpassed expectations and exceeded milestones.

Focusing On Excellence
During our early years, NCS MENA showcased the significance of debt collection to businesses we’ve worked with in the region. Our diligence and our efforts have earned us recognition by several financial and corporate bodies internationally.


Growth and Recognition
NCS MENA is now on the global map as a world renowned debt collection agency in the Middle East & North African region. Our growth, our years in business, and recognition by a multitude of financial and corporate bodies is a testament to that success.


We’re part of your team.
Today, we are the sum of our experiences, experiences that have increased our capabilities and resources. Our Success and growth coupled with fostering relationships with reputable and esteemed global alliances have allowed us to contribute in fulfilling the financial objectives of countless businesses in more than 90 countries around the world.

NCS MENA has become a dependable partner to our clients, we take pride in being a part of their collection team.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Jimmy Johnson

In today's growing economy the debt collection industry has expanded to the extent that you can find an agency for debt collection in almost every state, country and region. But, with all the collection agencies available, how can you be certain your cases are being handed over to the right agency; guaranteeing successful quality results?

Over the years NCS MENA has successfully and consistently challenged all obstacles and today has an unparalleled position in the MENA region with its key proficiencies.

NCS MENA has earned its reputation through delivering excellence.
A few key strengths that have secured our global position today include:

  • 20 years professional experience and expertise in Local & International debt collection
  • Excellent knowledge of the MENA legal system, laws & regulations
  • Expert team of multilingual debt collectors
  • Tailor-made collection management system (CMS) to suit the specific requirements of our Clients
  • Quick & professional response time
  • Consistent reporting & feedback of cases
  • Professional advice & suggestions to Clients
  • Global network of Partners & Alliances
  • Global Coverage

Our long and winding road

NCS MENA through the years
  • 1993Year of Establishment

    Collection Agreement signed with Internationally Renowned Collection Company in the UK

  • 1994 – 1997Development & Launch of
    Tailor-made Collection System

    Collection Agreements signed with Internationally Renowned Collection Companies in the UK,
    Germany and Netherlands.

  • 1999Management of Collection Company in Saudi Arabia

  • 2002Security upgrade and enhancement to Tailor-made Collection System

  • 2006Partnership with Global Credit Solutions (GCS Group)

    First Local Collection Agreement signed with the largest Telecom Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain

  • 2008Team Expansion

  • 2009 – 2010Re-location to New Office

    Launch of Tracing & Field Department
    Launch of Legal Department
    Launch of Corporate & Station Department

  • 2011Launch of New Services

    Introduction of KYE & KYC Services
    Introduction of Verification Services (3rd Party)

  • 2012Team Expansion

    Launch of Business Development Department
    Launch of Partnership offices in Oman & Qatar

  • 2013Security upgrade and enhancement to Tailor-made Collection System

    Launch of Social Media Platforms

  • 201420th Year Anniversary of Business Operations

    Launch of NCS MENA’s E-newsletter – MENA Credit & Collection Chronicles
    Office Expansion

Message from the CEO & Founder

Exceeding expectations...

I would like to extend my warm gratitude on behalf of our team at NCS MENA for your valuable interest in our services.

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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
— John Maxwell

Executive Team

We strive to maintain a professional and ethically rich team.

At NCS MENA, we strive to maintain a professional and ethically rich team of employees. Our multilingual professional team has the ability to correspond globally removing any barriers in communication. Our key asset is our team – their experience, negotiation skills and motivation committed to professional results with the ability to deal efficiently in finding solutions to complex matters.

Adel Jawad

Managing Director

Mr. Adel Jawad has played a key role in overall management of NCS MENA for the past 11 years, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to professional excellence towards the organization's interests and contributing his professional experience and expertise to meet the challenges through a proven record of operational leadership, strategy development, customer service, team building, financial management and relationship management.

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.
— Sir Thomas Watson

Ali Faraj

Manager | Human Resources & Finance

Ali Faraj joined NCS MENA in 2005 as a Field Collector and during his employment he has considerably developed his abilities sparking his career growth as the Manager of Human Resources and Finance.

Knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge guards you while you guard wealth.
— Ali ibn Abi Talib

Maureen Farrell

Manager | Business Development

Maureen Farrell joined NCS MENA in 2008 as an International Collection Agent. During her employment her responsibility and commitment towards NCS MENA has developed her skills and career to the Manager of Business Development.

Eyesight is useless, if the insight is blind.
— Ali ibn Abi Talib

Zainab Abbas

Collection Manager | International Collection Department

Zainab Abbas has been working with NCS MENA since 2006 when she joined as an In-house Collection Agent. Her ongoing devotion and obligation to her responsibilities has grown her career to the Manager of the International Collection Department.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
— Mark Twain